How do we do reviews?

Author: Robert Greisemer

Here at CloudAccountant we pride ourselves on performing individually tailored account reviews - all done manually by an AWS Certified Engineer. Why do we do it manually? Every single AWS Account is unique, your business is unique and so are your requirements. We tailor our reviews to the customer, we focus on understanding what you need to allow us to provide recommendations.

1. Initial Consultation

This is where we sit down with your team to understand what you're doing, and where your frustrations lie with your AWS Bill.

2. Cursory Glance

We take a look at Cost Explorer in order to narrow down our focus to major cost centers and find quick wins.

3. Metrics Installation

In order to provide accurate recommendations it's important to have as many metrics available to our engineers as possible, for EC2 this may be adding the Cloudwatch Monitoring tools for recording Memory utilization and disk utilization metrics that are not available by default. After metrics are configured we allow one week's worth of data to be accumulated as this will give us an idea of the utilization of the servers across a normal business week.

4. Export an AWS Resource list

Due to the nature of the AWS Console it's easy to miss something, we export a list of your resources to guarantee we don't miss anything.

5. Analyze each of the individual resources

This involves reviewing the metrics associated with this instance, and looking back to our consultation with your team to ensure that the resource is appropriately sized to allow for growth, with minimal waste.

6. Create our report with supporting evidence

CloudAccountant Engineers use data to make decisions, our report will contain the data and our interpretation of the data.

7. Deliver the report to the client

This is where you'll find out just how much we were able to recommend in savings, we'll work with your engineers to explain the document and help them understand how to implement the changes

If you're shocked by your AWS bill, it's time to have your account looked at - CloudAcccountant offers a simple, no risk, review process. If we don't save you money, you don't pay a dime. Reach out today for your risk free review.